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Joining conditions:

1. Companies with terminal expansion, promotion and operation capabilities;

2. Have the passion of pioneering and innovation, the belief of victory and strong dedication;

3. Be able to correctly view risks, have strong social activity ability, and have good standard management ideas and experience;

4. Identify with the company's business philosophy and marketing strategy;

5. Have strong brand awareness and long-term development vision;

6. Willing to accept the company's price system, after-sales service standards, channels, regional protection and other market policies.

Franchise support:

1. Ensure the franchise store channel operation rights and interests within the authorized area of the franchisee;

2. Professional after-sales service support, maintain your sales, eliminate worries and promote sales;

3. Provide "housekeeping" services throughout the process, introduce international advanced management systems and retail management systems, and improve customers' business capabilities;

4. Provide new store opening promotion and daily store operation market activities, product scene display material support;

5. Provide public platform exposure support and channel operation assistance, such as annual marketing calendar and member special event planning;

6. Provide professional and rich product learning platforms, and provide product knowledge and sales skills training to improve the business ability of store employees.







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